Thursday, October 9, 2008

What do you write?

So my friend and fellow writer, Rhegan, recently asked me the difference between the whole Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fantasy confusion. And let me say that the explanation I gave was so far off the mark.

After reading my blog entries and a few of my recent short stories, she believes that my niche may not be in the "Paranormal Romance" field as I keep saying, but may actually be in a lighter form of fiction with more comedy and such - apparently, I tend to be quite comedic, and the girl usually doesn't end up with the guy...hmmm.

So I decided to do some research. Due to my Nancy Drew tendencies, I have tons of info on the genres now and may have figured it out. I looked over all of my previous stories and found that I have 2 series in Urban Fantasy and 4 in Paranormal Romance; so maybe I do belong somewhere in the genre mix. But my short stories of late are lighter and perhaps better. The problem may be that I tend to go towards dark paranormal but my voice in the stories keeps trying to go lighter with humor. Hmmm....I may have to see about all this. But thats for another day.

Looking over this massive list of unfinished projects, I wonder why I keep stopping in the middle of the story. It may have something to do with the fact that I dream in terms of a series (yeah can't finish 1 book though) so I know all the players and such so far down the line that I intimidate myself and put it aside for something new, simpler, easier. Only to repeat the vicious cycle. It may have something to do with what I feel I lack: I don't know enough, haven't lived, enough, aren't smart enough, etc. to tell the story the way it deserves to be told, so I'll put off on it until later - I'll be a better writer by then.

And so I do exactly what I do in my own life, I cover it up with comedy, a bit of laughter and maybe no one will notice that I don't know what I'm doing.

I had a meeting with my new advisor today. Apparently, I've been putting off my foreign languages and now have 4 classes to take before I can start taking my 400 level classes. So I'm running out of time and procrastinating too much. At this rate, I may be in school forever. Luckily, I can barely handle more than 2 classes a semester anyway.

My Fortune Cookie: Reading is for the brain, What exercise is for the body.
My changes to the Fortune Cookie: Writing is for the soul, what reading is for the brain, and what exercise is for the body.

Total words written today: 1,205 (just bypassed the 30,000 mark!!!)
Music Playing: Anouk
What I'm Drinking: Grande Hot Cinnamon Sunset Tea from Starbucks
My Current Mood: exhilarated
My Purchases for the Day: Jemima J by Jane Green (my old time fav) and two books on Art Journaling


jess said...

I would have pegged you Romantic Comedy. :)

Allison said...

I NEVER EVER EVER even thought of putting your work into any one "type" or "genre" as you writers like to say it. WOW! I will have to ponder this a while and see what I can figure out. Keep up the good'll get where you want to be one day...I have faith in you.

Mindy Blanchard said...

Yeah, I think the reason we are having so much trouble placing me is because this year I've gone all the way across the board.

I stepped out of my comfort zone because of that creative writing class I took last semester, (which I found out will not count towards my college credits because I'm actually in a different "book" at UL - great!!.)

I went into personal stuff and dug deep, to a more light read than the norm. So how can you place me when I'm not sticking to one area?

Oh well. Think on it get back to me. You would know since I forced you to read all my

Thanks for the vote of confidence, my friend. Its good to know someone believes in me, when I sometimes don't believe in myself.

Much love to you and the family!

sokarizmatic said...

i love love love anything by Jane Green!!! Jemima J is us, she is us. so lets get skinny find an a hole in LA who loves big chicks (go figure), get a british accent and find our dream guy!!!

Mindy Blanchard said...

Where do you think it came from, babe? I've been meaning to add it to my library ever since you let me borrow it SIX YEARS AGO!!

Let's do it!!lol

Winona said...

You, my dear friend, are such a creative soul that you can't help but have lots of story ideas out there. Now, I challenge you to get one out a month. When the time comes you can put together a book of short stories or do the serial novel. You are destined for success and only you can get in the way. Continue juggling your crazy life, don't forget to add pleasure to it.


Anonymous said...

I know to sell that labeling genre is important, but for now lets not pigeon-hole you with a label. You write what you feel and what you can be proud of. Will call it something later, when the time is right. For now, lets just call it Mindy's brilliance, or something incredibly corny like that~RR

Mindy Blanchard said...

that'll work really well since all our writing groups make us stand up and talk. Yes, "I'm Mindy and I write whatever I feel like." will work well. Lets do it for the next