Friday, October 17, 2008


As the Newsletter Editor of the Bayou Writer's Group, I'm having less and less time to do all of the things I already don't have time for. I become so obsessed with the newsletter that I start planning well in advance to make sure theres great information in there. So basically I spend 25 days out of the month stressing, planning, thinking, plotting, researching, living, breathing, eating everything that is "the Newsletter."

I'm not complaining. Its just harder to fit it in than I originally thought. There are some wonderful articles and pieces that will appear in the upcoming issues that I am really excited about, and I'm receiving the opportunity to network with some amazing writers, which I normally don't do and desperately need to do, and to help put the word out on BWG in any way that I can.

There is so much talent in the group, and the members are wonderful. Of all of my accomplishments in 2008, I feel the most important was when I walked through those library doors in February and joined Bayou Writer's Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana. I have grown as a person and in my writing as a result of this fine group and the truly amazing members, who are so welcoming and willing to help others.

Words Written Today: None (But I'm working on two pages in my art journal and on the November Newsletter)


Angie Kay Dilmore said...


I think I speak for all BWG members when I say Thank You! for doing the newsletter. You're doing a great job and we truly appreciate all your hard work. Great new photo when you post comments! Very glamorous.


jess said...

Wow, Mindy, I need to take a look at BWG through your eyes. It'll help me get excited all over again. :)

And you're doing GREAT with the newsletter. It will be one of your finest credits! Use it to your advantage. And may I say... we are sooooooooooooo glad you walked through those library doors!!

Hey, I love you new pic too. You look just like my niece in Longview, TX.