Sunday, April 5, 2009

La Nouvelle Orleans R Bust!!

After my 3rd French test and my first week working half days back on the phones at work, I needed a break, an escape, a time to laugh and enjoy being alive a bit.

My friend Rhegan and I traveled to Houma, Louisiana for the Jubilee Writer's Conference this weekend. We left a day early to do a bit of sightseeing and relaxing. We shopped and walked until we dropped. It was a beautiful day filled with writing, dreaming, inspiration, and possibilities. Two wayward travelers (how many times did we get lost along the way?):

Happy looks good on us, I think:

We found French everywhere. We tried to use French words whenever we could. It was a great opportunity to get some studying done while I was having such fun!!

There is so much world out there. Where will our lives take us? I wonder. As I reflect upon the past 10 years the saying "if I knew then what I know now" runs through my mind. I can only hope that I make better choices and that the future brings so much more. But regardless, for all of the ups and the downs, I'm here and I'm ready. I am open to the possibilities and the opportunities, I will not give up hope.

There were signs everywhere:

Stolen moments. Opportunities to write. Inspiration can be found on every street corner in beautiful la Novelle Orleans:

After such a hard day's work (lol) what could we do but finish the night with some Bourbon Street strolling:

The trip was great. As many know, I am not the best driver and I tend to be a bit directionally challenged. A few wrong and missed turns happened along the way. But we made it to our destination. The conference was fabulous, as always. It was a memorable weekend.

The job and school are driving me crazy. April is a big month for travels for me, with this New Orleans trip and my trip next week to Washington. But what happens in May I wonder? My travel plans end in April and then what will get me through the day?

Well, I won't depress myself about that now. The memories of this month will have to suffice. I look forward to my trip next week. I'm excited but I still haven't packed yet. Yikes. I don't have anything to wear. Hopefully, I don't aggravate my sis or Lauren too much. But whatever happens will happen. These memories I will need to get me through to the next vacation, the next stolen moment, the next great escape. With my so-called life, I'll definitely need it.
Drinking; Pinot Grigio
Watching: Stardust
Eating: Pralines from the Southern Candy Co
Dreaming: of possibilities