Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Day of Fullness

Yesterday proved to be quite interesting. I awoke at the crack of dawn to get dressed for the BWG meeting. I Googled the address - I'm such a Googler - for Skeeter's house. I was meeting up with Skeeter, Lynn, and Rhegan for a road trip to Lake Charles, La.

45 minutes after I left home, after I turned around 3 times, after I missed 2 roads on the Google map thanks to the recent hurricanes taking away the road signs - road signs are good, I received a phone call from Rhegan (yeah the phone had fallen to the passenger side back seat - what a mess) to tell me I just passed them by and to turn around, again. (sigh) I finally made it; I was aggrevated and tired already. And the trip had not even started yet.

But the trip that followed was extremely productive. Among the talking, gabbing, laughing, etc., we managed to fill pages in our notebooks with ideas, topics, goals. We each received writing assignments. Though I can't remember the due date. Mine was a doozy. You gotta love friends who coerce you into facing your demons - thanks, guys, love ya, muah.

So much accomplished, and we hadn't even made it to the meeting yet. The young authors at the meeting rocked. Their stories were fantastic. Its so good to see such potential in the younger crowd these days. We met up with some old friends. And met some new ones. Had some 'good eats' for lunch with the whole gang.

And then it was time for the trip back. We passed some kind of airplane show. So we stopped by. It was quite a show, especially watching Skeeter and Lynn talk airplane parts - hilarious for me since I felt like I was in a foreign country. The trip continued without much happening in terms of writing, but we learned a few stories about each other.

We parted ways and then Rhegan and I went shopping and to the movies. I wanted to see Nights of Rodanthe but it was sold out. So we checked out My Best Friend's Girl. I'm not even gonna talk about the movie. (Sorry I dragged you to that nightmare, Rhegan. I owe you one). I was already upset I couldn't watch the one I wanted. The showtimes on the internet differed from the ones at the theatre. We went to both Grande Theaters in Lafayette to find we were at the wrong one. We paid for the 7:45 show and by the time we finished w/ snacks and such we were seated at 7:38 and the movie was already underway. We missed the previews and the first few minutes. Pissed me off.

Despite all this mess. It was a good day. I have pages of ideas to look into, to add to my to do list. And now my brain is roasting on the possibilities for my "assignment." Watch out ladies. Its going to be a wild ride!


Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Hey Mindy,

Saturday was a great day!

I've just tagged you from my blog. You don't have to play but it's a fun game and the idea is to generate traffic.

Run on over to my blog and see the rules.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

10-28-08-Spoke with Lynn at WG and she had FORGOTTEN about her assignment. I was quick to remind her though. Let's see if she follows through.~RR

Mindy Blanchard said...

Hey drill sargeant - what is your I didn't forget about mine. I just gots nothing...We didn't set deadlines did we..I need more