Monday, May 31, 2010

Change Is Upon Us

It's amazing to me how there are special moments in our lives that shine in ways that you never expect or hoped to expect, and you simply know you will carry these treasures with you for years to come.

I sit on the cusp of living a truly creative life, and all I can do is smile. My muse is back. Not that she left me, she simply needs vacations as much as I do, and I can totally understand that!

She was vacationing somewhere great, I'm sure; and I cannot wait to hear the details of her travels. But that will come later. For now, she brings gifts from her travels: images and words of how a jaded vampire crashes into the life of a sexy baker, as they work together to solve another death, find a killer, and save themselves.

This story has been brewing for months now; waiting, percolating. This all began as a short story I wrote in 2007. I simply knew the main character deserved a chance to have his story told. And the time is now. I can't wait to learn Fin's story as he meets his heroine, and they fight to save themselves (and the world) from some catastrophe or another.

My artwork has taken off. It's amazing to me that I started my artful journey less than a year ago, in July, 2009, and I've gotten this far. I am so grateful for all of the love and support I receive that enables me to reach for my dreams! Thank you cheerleaders, I love you so much!!

I see a dream of my future held deeply in my heart, hoping against hope that it will lead to something. Some things do, some don't. You just never know where this journey will take you. Until then, you'll find me covered in paint or ink, typing and drawing from the heart, while I wait, ever dreaming...

Friday, May 28, 2010

Long Awaited Journey

May 23, 2010 I traveled to New Orleans, Louisiana with 2 friends in celebration of birthdays (me and Katrina - Happy Birthday, Katrina), to check out my artwork at the Rougarou Trading Post art gallery, and to drop off some more goodies.

Talk about a fun-filled day complete with laughs, good food and drinks, and did I mention laughs. Chris and Katrina, you guys are a hoot. I'll take a road trip with you anytime!!

I find it very fitting that the picture on my blog of New Orleans has been a constant in my writing/art life since the beginning. Its funny that my artwork would first be showcased in this city of my heart!

Here's a glimpse of my artwork.

The layout is great. Not too sure about location. It is located right near the checkout, but we all missed it, twice. Another friend of mine took a trip to NOLA and stopped by to see my artwork. They had a hard time finding it, too. We were looking for it and missed it. Doesn't bode well for those that have no idea who I am. How will they see my artwork, I wonder?

Well I'm back to my writing. A new story is percolating. While its doing its thing in my head, I'm working on a plot board, combining my art with my writing goals to keep me writing.

Feeling good. Looking forward to a 3 day weekend. I really really need this one! And I'm in dire need of some art time!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Time Marches On

It definitely feels like life is flying by. The days flow from one to another so seamlessly, one wonders where their life has gone.

I still feel like New Years was just yesterday but it is already May. OMG.

I'm forever working on growing the Business side of my art and writing. A new story is percolating in my head. I'm hoping to have the storyline plotted out and to start fresh with a NANOWRIMO of my own in June. I know I can do this. But this time around I'm starting small, 30-60,000 words tops. Otherwise, I will once again intimidate myself into quitting.

I can't wait to head over to NOLA next weekend to see the layout of my art at the Rougarou gallery. My excitement is the only thing keeping this week from passing any quicker. I just received blank greeting card prints of my original artwork and they are fabulous. I purchased them from Great website. Great end results for those that are interested.

Life is throwing me some interesting curve balls at this time. I can't wait to see where it all goes.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Road to an Art Gallery!

My blogs have become non-existent during the latter part of last year and beginning of this year. So much has happened/changed in my life; I hardly recognize this life as being mine.

I changed jobs, traveled to Europe, and accepted more responsibility at work.

All this means is that I've become more separated from others and lost within myself. The business of writing and art brings a whole new dimension to the act of creation. As if it isn't hard enough to get 'er done, now there are worries about portfolios, promotion, marketing, career plans, resumes...ugh. It's quite daunting.

In 2009, writing took a backseat to starting the business of art and all that it entailed: putting my art for sale, making my first sale, artist portfolio, writing portfolio, creating art, etc.

A lot of work was done until I left for Europe. Since I returned from Europe, I gained more responsibility from my day job, requiring more sleep than normal (lol). (Man, I am soooo freaking tired lately!)

Tax season is always a trip. So many receipts to itemize and get to my accountant. Sadly that took 4 months until the bitter tax deadline date.

Now that taxes have been turned in, it's time to get my writing desk, studio, car, and house in order. Always something to do. I spend more time shuffling papers than anything else.

One of the problems I struggled with was having so many finished canvases collecting dust around my home. Now, I'm proud to announce, that yesterday I drove to New Orleans, Louisiana to drop of ten pieces of my original artwork at Rougarou Bayou – Riverfront Trading Post, "located on Level B of Riverwalk Marketplace, (which) features an eclectic collection of original art and artisan crafts from more than 60 New Orleans and surrounding area artists...features glass art, handcrafted... jewelry, candles, photography, collage and fabric art, and mixed media creations."

It amazes me the mysteries of life: "The Rougarou (alternately spelled as Roux-Ga-Roux, Rugaroo, or Rugaru), is a kind of werewolf in the Cajun folklore of French Louisiana". This is funny because as a paranormal writer, who has been working on a werewolf series for the past two years, it's quite fitting that the first art gallery where my work will be displayed would be named such, and I've been dying to write about a loup garou!

I faced what many writers and artists face, dreaded rejection, moreso than acceptance for the past couple years. Rejections happen and this we know. We understand we need a thicker skin, but it doesn't make it hurt any less.

I was stood up at an important appointment with a business to review my art porfolio this year. It left me shattered. A wise friend at work, Darcy, said, "girl walk it off; something is better out there for you." (Thats the jist; I can't remember her words of gold today; hey I was working. I was probably stressed/depressed already on top of the new depression. lol) But Darcy, girl were you right!

I have now updated my artist resume with the gallery listing and plan on getting back to the writing and art(ing) work as soon as my life is set to rights. I have been working on phase two of my art journey: jewelry charms and greeting cards of select pieces of my artwork. Those are in process and should be available soon.

I am a writer at heart. Anyone who knows me knows this. The art just came out of nowhere. But the difference, which I love between the two, is that art gives instant gratification. You start it. You finish it. You review it. You fix it; hey maybe you don't. But the bottom line is: it's done. Sure, ten months later you can revisit it and fix a few flaws, same as writing, but with writing there are edits, critiques, rewrites and so much blood spilt.

I attended my first Women of Faith Conference, which rocked my world out of axis. I'm still trying to recover with the new good stuff that it has brought into my life: being reacquainted with faith, a new hope for Edit - the little girl from Bolivia I am sponsoring, strengthened friendships, and an upcoming mission trip to Mexico.

It's been a wild ride, and I really wish I had the time to get done all of the ideas / plans that run through my head done. The European story and canvas series are fighting to get out. But I haven't had a chance to take a breath, much less get them started. Where does the time go, I wonder.

Hopefully, I will get back to the studio quickly. I've missed writing, blogging, and reading blogs. It's definitely time to re-prioritize things.

Food: none
Drink: Dr. Pepper
Music: none, I need a nap.
Mood: very very happy and mello!