Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Laziness Before the Storm

My last few days of freedom are upon me. As I gear up for the new semester that starts 1/14/09, I look around at all of my unfinished business, and all I can do is laugh because it just ain't getting done.

I'm marking things off of my list, but not as quickly as I had planned. My studio will not be done by January, but I have two shelves to prime and paint which I can't do in this nasty weather we've been having. So oh well. I have a great head start and will just have to keep working towards it through the semester.

I have completed the Challenge Me project. Ironically, the project I choose was Jess's first post: using quotes from/about writers.

And the winner is.......(drumroll).....Jess. Congrats Jess! You are now the owner of a MindyLou Original writing journal. I'll get it to you at the next meeting. I would post a picture but it seems I'm without a camera. (Too much partying for New Years). I'll add it later. You all will just have to WAIT AND SEE. lol

Thanks, Alli, for keeping me honest! (She pulled the name so I wouldn't cheat). There were some great ideas in the Challenge Me post, and I can't wait to give some a try in my personal art and writing journals.

On the school front: Due to technical difficulty (aka user error), I failed to change my work schedule in time to make it to day classes like I had planned. So I was forced to make a mad review of the sparse classes left looking for anything that I could take at night this semester. Surprisingly, I found French 101. So I will be learning a foreign language, just not the one I originally planned (Spanish). But it will come in handy when I move to Europe right! So all is definitely not lost. Destination: Paris here I come!

I caught up on some movie watching for the past few days. I finished Season 3 of How I Met Your Mother, Season 1 of Samantha Who?, Becoming Jane, King Arthur. I'm feeling so lazy right now. I just realized that I never got around to the weeklong reading marathon I had planned. Where did the time go? Oh well.

Had a scrapbooking party, and I have finally finished some pages for my art journals (usually I just play around while everyone else gets stuff accomplished)...well I have 3 finished pages and the Challenge Me project. Woohoo!

Birthday Celebrations: Alli (yesterday), Cheryl, China, and Stew's new baby boy! (today) - what a great day!!!

Currently Working On: BWG January Newsletter

Listening To: Sarah McLachlan - Song For A Winter's Night (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbgfXp5M02M) - My obsession with Ioan Gruffudd stems from my novel. My characters are calling out to me, showing me signs, making me laugh. They want me to get back to their story. It's time I guess. I just don't want it to be, but I can't stop the words, even when I want to. So okay, Hayden. I'm coming. Hold your fangs!

Drinking: Water (jeez I'm boring)
Dreaming Of: sushi or boiled seafood!
Waiting: to find a match!


jess said...

Whoooppeeeee! 'Bout time I got my hands on one. :) Hopefully I' can hang on to this one. Can't wait to see it.

Chaney said to tell you she just finished watching Season 4 of How I met your Mother online. She says it's really funny. She had to track them down on different websites so if you want to know where to go, she'll have to tell you. :)

Now I have something to look forward to -- I've already been dreading the next meeting. :( You're the bright spot.

Angie Kay Dilmore said...
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Angie Kay Dilmore said...

French is a foreign language is Louisiana?

Mindy Blanchard said...

Go Jess. Thats too much work - but does barney change - wait no don't tell me - no tell me - no don't tell me. sigh I'll wait. (maybe i'll search the net..aww..i love that - do you see why I can't watch tv - i get addicted to tv shows and waiting 7 days for the next episode just kills me. lol. The meeting will rock - you rockin pres you.

Angie - its foreign to me. My parents and grandparents spoke it around us when they didn't want us to know something.

I didn't take any FL in high school and then I choose management at UL which didn't require a FL - boy did I luck out. Until I had this crazy idea to switch to an English degree and now I have to tke 4 FL courses. jeez louise. I barely speak english! lol

Winona said...

Well, Jess, you are one lucky woman. The journal is gorgeous. I am envious, we aren't supposed to be envious, though. Perhaps, One day I will own a Mindy Lou Original.