Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Last Weekend!

The last weekend before the new semester starts has officially ended; I must say that I used up every darn minute. Friday night I shopped and ate boiled seafood = yum, then I rested for my Saturday.

Saturday I worked all day long and then I headed out to a hole in the wall bar to listen to some friends from high school play in their band. The band is called Cheater Pipe and they rocked. It was good to see some old familiar faces and to be out and about. I was headed out to a dance club with some friends when I took a wrong turn following the wrong car and ended up in some stranger's driveway. Good job, Mindy! Way to almost get shot! This is south LA, you know. Some people are nuts. But I survived and took myself home - way too much excitement for one day.

I got a new drafting table and paper organizer for my studio - I really needed to finish that thing before school started. Just another thing I didn't accomplish, I guess.

Sunday was filled with working on art with my young student. She finished her first project, a book made of playing cards that will be a present for her friend. Then I went to my friend Shavonne's house. We were planning a Supernatural marathon. She introduced me to a new favorite show, Ghost Whisperer (how do I survive without TV? If I get cable I may never leave home). When her friend arrived, we popped in the first disk of Supernatural Season 1 and I'm officially hooked. We only got through about 8 episodes but it was wonderful. Hmm! How long will it be before I can finish the season? I wonder.

School starts on Wednesday. I have to memorize French intros and greetings by then. I need a dress for a Mardi Gras ball the first week in February; so I better start shopping. I have a critique session planned for Saturday (no telling if it will occur) and I need to get some serious cleaning done in my life.

So the vacation is over. It's back to working, school, writing, working out, blah - I'm depressed just thinking about it. lol. To start the new week off, I'm setting a goal to send out 2 finished pieces of my writing and to finish the January newsletter.


Angie Kay Dilmore said...

What a fun, full, busy life you lead. Enjoy every minute of it!

Mindy Blanchard said...

Angie, It's not that fun sometimes, believe me.

I need someone to write the checks, wash the clothes, and clean up. Cause I just don't have time for those things. lol


Anonymous said...

, the critique will not happen. Randy canceled. Said it was his anniversary.