Sunday, June 12, 2011

What is my purpose?

I'm currently at a loss - sitting around, being ineffectively lazy and confused, unsure of what my next move should be.

I've missed blogging and writing so much lately. There's always time; I just keep choosing to focus on something else. There is so much I want to do with this life; I end up having way too many balls in the air.

Next weekend, I will be teaching my second art class:

Artist Trading Card (ATC) Class by
Date: Sat., June 18, 2011 @ 10:30am
Where: Hobby Lobby Classroom
Cost: $10 on day of class
(Includes goody bag with supplies to complete 2 ATCs)
Perfect for ages 6 - adulthood

I also plan to teach some basic crochet classes at Hobby Lobby - get this - for FREE! It will be a "Crochet for a Cause" kind of thing. One hour every so often to get together and learn a new stitch and tips and receive help. The only cost for admission will be some form of donation to be determined later (This would have been a great idea to help my church gather socks, underwear, and shoes for kids aged 6-12 for a mission in Guatemala - but I'm too late for that).

I am working on 4 different collaborations right now. Those always take time but are so fun. I will have a class on collabs at a later date. There will be a collaborative exercise in class that will push us outside of our comfort zones and will be tons of fun.

Art journaling is the next class on my list after the ATC this weekend. I cannot wait to get started on the class details.

I need to step my game up a notch for BeautiControl. My purpose of selling BeautiControl is to give me extra income so that I can create art and write freely, to help support my regular income. It has become an expense itself and I have not been working it to its fullest like I had planned.

I miss writing. But I've been spending so much time learning lately. I've been reading the greatest Book ever written - the Bible - and getting to know God and myself, learning and growing my faith. That is a journey within itself, which I do not want bogged down with worries over everything else.

Some people find themselves uncomfortable around me lately. I'm still me, just stronger and a little more hopeful. We can all use more hope these days. I'm not trying to change you, but its always been in my nature to share everything with everyone that I come into contact with. It's the same as with my writing, my art, my jewelry, my life. Why should my faith be any different? So don't be worried. Don't be alarmed. We're all good.

I'm enjoying my time, since I have removed a lot of the restrictions I had set upon myself recently. Its slow at work, but I know that with the holidays coming up we will be swamped and I will yearn for these slow summer days. I've been working more on my health, scheduling workout sessions and finding a workout partner.

I have not found my balance, in this so-called crazy life of mine, but I'm getting there. Every day I grow stronger in faith and heart and every day I work toward being the person that I know I am meant to be rather than the person I want to be.

It's not always a wild ride. Sometimes there's a lull in the storm. We need the calm to refresh us. We need time to heal us.

I'm looking forward to the days ahead. I'm looking forward to learning what I learn during this journey.

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Jess said...

Good post. Keep reading the Bible and God will bless you for it. Write when you can and do your art. Everything has its own season. You're on the right path!
Love you!