Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Its Time for a Spa Escape...

Would you like some great deals on amazing BeautiControl products? Would you like to get together with some of your closest friends and family so that you can enjoy a Spa Escape? Host a Spa with me and Earn Free Gifts & Great Savings On Your Favorite Products! Hosting a Spa is FREE and FUN for you and your guests!

When you host a BeautiControl Spa, you simply email me your list of addresses to as many friends as you would like. I will then send them a postcard invitation. I show up on the day of the spa and pamper you all. Its easy and fun!

It's for relaxation. The refreshments can be super easy. Ice tea, lemonade, or water with lemon and a small vegetable tray. Don't worry about planning anything big. Your friends and family are here to see and hang out with you.

Here's what you can get for hosting an Spa:
FREE Soothing Spa Neckwrap --- booking gift
FREE Mini Spa Product --- for having 8 or more guests attend
FREE Mini Spa Product --- for turning in guest list within 3 days of booking
PLUS $150 (or more) of your choice in products for $35 --- with $500 in sales and 2 bookings of E-Spas or Spas (subject to change based on party sales and bookings)
PLUS Skin Care Set at 1/2 price! (Example: $68, your price $34!)
BONUS Hostess Bonus Certificate --- $10 off a $30 purchase, redeemable at E-Spas or Spas booked from yours
BONUS Preferred Hostess Discount --- For 1 year, enjoy 15% off all reorders

Did you know we can have a THEMED PARTY: Briday Spa, Baby Shower Spa, Birthday Spa, Margarita Spa, etc. The possibilities are endless.

I usually have spas on Sunday afternoons or Saturday afternoon/nights when I am off. I work a lot of hours at my regular jobs, but we can always work something out. If you are interested, just let me know and we will set something up!

There's just no a Spa Escape!

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