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It's All In the Eyes

I seem to have an addiction - well many really - but today we'll focus on how I have this crazy, obsessive, freakish desire to read constantly. I can never seem to get enough of books. I heart them, big big. Anyone who knows me knows I walk around with at least 3 items, in my bag, of the reading variety.

So I've been doing a bit of reading on my newest worrisome qualities. I've been noticing grey hairs and extra wrinkles lately. I refuse to let it give me a complex (no guys and girls that WAS NOT a complex I was having while I cried and fussed about it all day yesterday lol). I will age gracefully or not so gracefully, as I am intended. (But I wouldn't be me if I wouldn't try to do WHATEVER I have to in order to slow the process down a bit!)

After all of the sun burns, lack of drinking water, poor dieting habits, etc., my skin is a train wreck. And while I cannot change the damage of the past, that much, I can change how much damage happens in the future.

I was reading some interesting posts about (my favorite feature) the EYES, and came across this one by Jaks Lloyd, former photographic fashion model. Give it a read; she seems pretty knowledgeable. After the article, I will include some more personal tidbits.

"Understanding Eye Wrinkles

Three layers make up skin. The surface, visible layer is called the Epidermis.

Under the epidermis lies the middle layer known as the Dermis.

Beneath this is the Subcutaneous layer, the third innermost layer. As we age the dermis or middle layer looses it's elastic quality.

The dermis contains fibres called Elastin and a protein called Collagen, both of which prevent wrinkles and allow the skin to have that young, fresh look and feel.

The skin is able to retain moisture and the ability to stretch. As time goes by the dermis gradually loses both Elastin and Collagen, causing the skin to become thinner and less able to retain moisture.

The subcutaneous layer also begins to lose the fat that gives youthful skin that pleasant smooth look.

Wrinkles around the eyes, known as crows feet, and the brow also become visible due to the contraction of minute muscles just beneath the skin surrounding the area.

Age isn't the only thing that causes crows feet and furrowed brows, squinting can contribute to the wrinkles as well, in fact they're a significant cause.

The skins natural oil is called Sebum, and some people will have more and others will have less. The elastin quality will also vary from person to person so wrinkles can appear at an early age on the unfortunate or be delayed well into middle age.

Its all down to genes and lifestyle. My tips to slow down the onset of wrinkles. The first sign of wrinkling is around the eyes. You may look and feel great when you get a sun tan but nothing hastens the appearance of wrinkles than exposure to strong sunlight.

You may look wonderfully glamorous with that all over tan but, in time, you will more than likely look prematurely old as your skin withers and creases start to appear around your eyes and on your forehead.

Remember that when you first see somebody you both will look into each others eyes so it is important to keep them looking fresh and youthful for as long as possible.

So do not be tempted by the sun. Always use a high factor good quality sunblock, at least 20 SPF (Sun Protection Factor) or above (I always use 30 SPF even in late afternoon sun), and re-apply every 2-3 hours.

Sunglasses with high quality UV (Ultra Violet) reflecting lenses are an absolute essential and should be worn outside during daylight hours even when grey and murky. Guess what - UV rays can still get through on a dull day.

My personal preference is for Polaroid lenses with a coating on the rear to cut down on reflected glare although other types of UV filtering lenses are just as able to do a good job. Fortunately there is a huge choice of glamorous good quality designer shades to choose from.

Keep in mind that there's no sunblock or sunglass lens that will block out all harmful UV rays, so be particularly aware of the harm sunlight can do if your in an area where snow or water reflection is at its highest.

Lots of models smoke as this is a very stressful occupation. Models often have to attend several castings a day and each time put up with critical comments on their looks and their suitability for the job.

Living up to expectations when posing in front of the camera or walking the catwalk after hectic costume changes puts a strain on the nerves and a timely cigarette helps to relieve the tension.

However we are all aware that smoking hastens the onset of wrinkles and aging and can shorten our careers. One of the principal effects is that smoking deprives the skin of precious moisture and so hastens the drying out process.

Avoid smoky and badly ventilated atmospheres that can also have the same effect.

Don't spend too much time in front of a computer screen as this can cause eye strain and squinting.

Get an anti-glare filter and remember to keep looking away at least every 15 minutes and focus on another object.

Do not be tempted to go to a tanning booth. Although eye protection is provided, the exposure to artificial UV rays can hasten the onset of wrinkling as much as natural sunlight and there is an argument that the damage can be worse.

Drink plenty of water. I always carry a bottle of water wherever I go and I know most models do the same. Before going out in the evening I drink a pint of cool water so if I drink some wine it cuts down on that dehydrating effect that alcohol can have ' and helps to keep you sober.

Use a light moisturizer on your face every morning and every night without fail. Pay particular care around the eyes and to avoid stretching the skin use a gentle circular motion with your finger tips.

One tip my Mother taught me. Avoid resting your head on your hands as the upward pressure creases the skin particularly around the outside corner of the eye.

Professional modeling is just the same as any other career, to be successful you have to work at it. Eventually a models' looks will go, some will have only a short career others may go on for a lot longer before the inevitable happens.

Nine times out of ten the first sign is wrinkling around the eyes and the camera always notices it. The appearance of crows feet signals the onset of aging for all women so it is of the utmost importance to keep the eyes looking young and vital if you value your looks and want to create that great first impression when you meet someone new.

Eye Contact Is First Contact

Copyright 2006 Jaks Lloyd

Jaks Lloyd, former photographic fashion model, is the author of the above article which appears in her definitive website The Ultimate Cutting Edge in Eye Beauty."

**********************HERE WE GO*************************

Now let me give you my thoughts and game plan for stopping aging of the eyes in its tracks...well at least as much as I can. says "At the age of 12 we stop producing moisture under our eyes therefore eye cream is essential in preventing dark circles and crows feet."

AGE 12...OMG I'm 33. So thats many, many years of a drought...for sure. Anyway, theres no time like now to take care of the delicate skin of your peepers.

1. The skin around our eyes is more delicate than the rest of the skin on our faces. Rather than use the same cream, gel, or lotion used to clean your face, opt for a gentler cleaner made specifically for the eyes.

Skinlogics Lash and Lid Bath, our gentle make-up remover, cleanses and refreshes delicate eye area while removing the build-up of silicone, normally found in most eye shadows and eye shadow bases.

2. Use eye creams to replenish moisture around the eyes, since they have lost the ability to produce moisture by themselves.

BC Spa Facial Restructuring Eye Creme: This silky, hydrating formula utilizes an anti-aging complex of algae extract and peptides to target loss of firmness and fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area. An Advanced Antioxidant Complex consisting of encapsulated Resveratrol and vitamins protects skin from damaging free radicals.

Key benefits:
• Hyaluronic Filling Spheres penetrate the epidermis where they absorb moisture and instantly plump up, visibly reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.
• Skin firming complex consisting of algae extract and peptides to provide immediate and long-term improvement in the appearance of slackened skin.
• Advanced Antioxidant Complex consisting of vitamins and encapsulated Resveratrol protects skin from environmental aggressors and free radical damage.

3. Find ways to reduce appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

BC Spa Solutions Under Eye Dark Circle & Puffiness Solution contains a 20% complex of super-concentrated active botanicals and caffeine to help reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles. This formula is a lightweight serum packaged in a unique roller ball applicator for quick, easy use.

Key Benefits:
• Stimulates the epidermis to help strengthen capillary walls and to produce collagen and elastin to effectively reduce the appearance of dark circles.
• Provides the optimal environment for the skin to flush out fluid that has built up under the eyes, reducing the appearance of puffiness and "bags".

And remember, never pull, push, or rub your eyes (ok I know we'll rub them but try not to.) When putting creams or makeup on your eyes, use your ring finger, which is the most gentle finger on our hands. Dab Dab Dab from the inner corner to the outside of your eyes.

I try to never go out without my polarized sunglasses. The bigger the frames the better they cover your eyes. Do it diva-style (your future self thanks you). Now I worked for an optometrist for 2 years. I learned that my company of choice for stellar polarized sunglasses was Maui Jim ( And though I can't afford them anymore, I still have my trusty two favorite pairs that I bought many years ago and are still going strong. (Feel free to send me a gift card!)

These days we work too hard, play too hard, and live too hard. The truth is showing up where we least want it, on our skin. Our goal should be to stop the damage as much as and as soon as we can; in addition, we should work to undo whatever previous damage we can.

It's never too late to start giving our skin what it needs; but it's definitely better now than never.

You can find more information, products, and sales regarding BeautiControl on my website at . (Check out the WHO Sale where you can receive 10% off of a select group of products for online purchases only)

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