Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where I Stand

Trying not to be negative is hard, but here's where I stand:

NaNoWriMo = 1965 (someone's behind - should be 6k by now)

School = can't even talk about it. Only 5 more weeks and ITS OVER for now.

Art Journals = 3 projects pending, I need to clear out my OTHER stuff first.

Newsletter = I tend to be a pain when it comes to the newsletter. I notice that I'm bossy about what I want for the newsletter, and that is so not me. But I have a whole month to worry about December's issue, so I'm putting it off - PROCRASTINATION ROCKS!

Healthy lifestyle = FANTASTIC!!! I worked out today!!!! Feels great and I'm not as tired as I normally am at this time of night (go figure you mean what other people have been saying about exercise being good for you IS TRUE?!? lol)

Writing = wrote my first "kiss" scene today. whew! (Don't know why I write romance if the gooey parts make me queasy. And I'm working up to that assignment Lynn and Regan gave me last month - beware, ladies...); have a meeting at the writing center at school tomorrow about my Mnemosyne story. Maybe they can help me figure out what she needs.

Work = smooth sailing. No news about any November Madness repeat or anything. My stats are better than they have been all year; though still not at goal.

Newest Bad Habit = I notice that I'm cutting people off when they talk. I don't remember doing this before? Before when? I don't know. Maybe a result of trying not to be anti-social. Who knows?

Some Other Stuff:

Question of the Day: How did the writings of the Transcendentalists lead to the abolitionist movement?
Answer: No clue! I have 5 pages of quotes and no idea what to do with them. Deadline: Yesterday (Yikes)
Mood: Complemplative
Drinking: Diet Coke (yuck)
Music: K's Choice - Believe
Working: Yes! But I'm off for half the day tomorrow! Woohoo!
Dreaming about: Life and this dock:

If I could walk along this dock every day,
I would sit and dream and write
In solitude or among friends.
Finding peace. Finding joy.
Forming moments that are mine,
Moments that are shared,
Moments that are never forgotten.

I love the blues in the pic.

My Favorite Things/Memories/ETC associated with Blue: Daddy, Journeys, Adventure, Cozumel, Micheal's eyes (nephew), Bluejays, Blue Jeans.

And despite popular belief, my eyes are NOT blue.


Angie Kay Dilmore said...

What color are they (your eyes)? If you don't like diet soda (not good for you anyway) try a fruit juice diluted with seltzer or club soda.

Mindy Blanchard said...

My eyes are green! lol. Sensitive subject. I have blue days I have green days. but in my mind the blue days do not exist. Daddy's eyes were green so are mine. Some of the "other" Blanchards had blue eyes and I'm not from that line!

great tip. I'll give it a shot. the fruit juices are like 4 points (Weight watchers) for apple (my fav) but its worth trying.