Monday, November 10, 2008

What Gets You Through?

I'm writing like mad trying to get to where I am supposed to be for NaNoWriMo, and I'm so far off, I have no idea if I will make it.

The projects are piling up: doorprize for Momma's orchid club, doorprize for BWG Conference, present for Christmas Party BWG, baby blanket for baby showers. Jeez! (Everybody wants some altered art lol)

Well I have found a way to get rid of some of my clutter. I found a Girl Scouts troop to donate some of my wheelchair/walker bags to bring to a nursing home for the holidays - YAY! Frees up a bit of space for more junk.

History test this week to study for; I'm taking a break every 30 minutes to write for 15 minutes - really keeps me from passing out at the table at Barnes and Noble! So I'm writing away. The iPod is blaring. And I'm oblivious to everything. I move along to another place as the day progresses and realize that...I don't have my iPod.

OMGoodness, whats a girl to do?

Have I become too attached that I cannot function without something in my writing process.

I listen to a particular musician for all writing time dealing with a particular story (only on the longer ones). I can go anywhere and turn that music on and the words flow onto my Word Processor. I don't listen to this particular musician at all, unless I'm writing THIS story - no excuses. This establishes a pattern and the writing just happens.

I didn't realize that what I do in my writing has a negative side. What happens if I can't listen to the music? The words take a lot longer to come. I get them but its after I've bitten all my nails, twirled my hair into some freaky 'do, and cleaned my purse out two times.

So now I'm curious. What do you do? Do you have a system in place for your creativity? Is there something that you do to get into the creative "mood" and get the work flowing? (This is for writing, art journaling, scrapbooking, anything.) Let me know!!!

Word Count for NaNoWriMo: 7545 (yikes!)
Music Playing for Wolf Moon: Sick Puppies
Accomplishments This Week: I finished the first chapter (or prologue?) to Wolf Moon and sent it to my critique partners - can't wait to hear what they have to say!!!

Things On Hand During the Writing Process: Alphasmart 3000, iPod, pen, paper/napkin/post it, water, mints (I'm nauseated all the time - thanks Alli! lol), and a window - so I can see what's going on outside.

Tell me what gets you through the creative process!


Angie Kay Dilmore said...

I can't be distracted. I need it to be very quiet. Hence, I don't get much done.

Winona said...

Well, gosh, I haven't really thought about it. Unlike, Angie, I have to have some sort of distraction. Usually the TV is on and the volume is low.

I have to have three sharpened pencils and something to drink by my side. Does that count?

I think music helps. Sometimes I put the TV on a music channel. I dream of a nice stereo--think BOSE. I have put an IPOD on my Christmas list, but worry, if I get one. I'm not good with electronics.

I think you've found your way to write, Mindy. I am hoping to force myself to go into town at least once a week just to write. I learned when Mindy and I spent a couple of hours at Starbucks that I can write prolifically and well in that setting.

We'll see.

Good question and food for thought, Mindy. I have to think more about this.

Mindy Blanchard said...

Angie - you get a LOT of freelance writing done! You get more done than you think!

Winona - I love making you think of new things! lol I'm glad you need distraction like me. I'm not alone!

The pencils and drink definitely count! Its weird what makes the writing process easier, huh.

IPODs are awesome. I'm so addicted to music!. I'm an electronics nightmare. I break and damage EVERYTHING. Its sad really.

I'm glad that our writing together helped you learn a little something new about yourself and your writing! Woohoo!

Well, think on it and get back to me if you think of anything else!!!


Anonymous said...

/computer, headphones with music, a kid who no longer asks 1000 questions because he is sleeping, and mood lighting.

Mindy Blanchard said...


Great ritual. Mood Lighting? Hmm.

I will have to alter the lighting to see what that does for my writing...

but usually I alter the lighting and "I'm out like a light" lol