Sunday, November 16, 2008

All Conferenced Out

Going a-conference-ing:

I wonder what I ever did before Blogging? Oh I probably wrote, created or did stuff - had a life maybe. I've only written 1000 words today. Stupid distractions and procrastinations.

The Bayou Writer's Group Bridge to Publication 2008 Conference is now over, and I'm washing clothes and trying to get ahead of myself while I'm so far behind already. The Lafayette crew consisted of: Mike (taking the pic), Me, Regan, Lynn, Skeeter (in order of seats at the table).

We're getting so much smarter - I can tell. The Conference was wonderful, and the Speakers were Fantastic. My notebook is full of info and ideas but I think I'm so intimidated by all of the WORK involved with writing, that it may take another 2 weeks for me to write again, which does me no good because I have to finish NaNo.
Here's one of the door prizes that almost all of the Lafayette crew wanted:

Darn, Mike got it! (He's trying to play it off but he was super excited!!! I think there's...a tear..corner of his happy!)

Couldn't wait for it to get here, and now its over. I feel it was a wonderful success, and I hope the fantastic Conference Committee realizes what a great job they did to make it all happen. I hope it is as successful next year.

Regan won the First Page contest! We are so proud of her. She's not bragging nearly enough. (I may have to start sending out emails on her behalf to brag about her wonderful win.) I have found that I must be the president of the Regan Rules! fanclub as I keep getting congrats on her behalf. (Yes folks, I am her minion and will do my best to get the fanclub newsletter out next month. lol) I had such high hopes for my page, Blood Kiss; oh well guess serial killers, blood, shit-kickers, and demons are not for everyone. There's always next year!!!

I always leave Lake Charles with a touch of sadness. There are some people that I have come to care for in the group and that I just hate not being able to visit over coffee on random days like my friends back home. To make matters worse, it seems my friend, Nona, is going away in December so I won't see her again until NEXT YEAR!! Oh no! She is the twin of my heart! I just love her to pieces.

It was a great conference. I would fawn over all of the speakers but I think I may be limited in blogging space. And kudos for the food; the cheese ball and wine have my vote any day.

The road trip, as always, was a treat. This gang cracks me up! Please do not give us ANY alcohol. Who knew an hour and a bit could be so much fun. You really don't want to know some of the conversations we had (and in front of mixed company - such a bad idea). I may not be able to show my face again! Here's the girls!

I had my first creativity session with my little "student" today. I'm giving my friend's daughter lessons/time on/for creativity. Basically we just have tons of fun at Allison's house and then I leave and her hubby, Chad, has to clean paint off the ceilings - j/k (if there's any there it wasn't me, Alli - I swear. and no I'm not blaming the kid) lol. Creating with Jenna is such fun. Can't wait to see the results after she is finished.

Well, I've done all the procrastinating I can allow myself to get away with for today. Have to put the clothes in the dryer and start NaNo-ing. Only 1 zillion words to go!

Music: Tool - Eulogy (HA!)

Drink: Nothing - I need more water

Mood: Lazy

Plans: Reorganizing My Life - Major spring cleaning is needed!

School: Almost over; thank goodness

Art: Working on Orchid Project (keep your fingers crossed)


Winona said...

I am EXHAUSTED! The conference was fantastic. You've said it all. Quite proud of Regan. And, who knew the door prize I furnished would be such a "winner." Tell Mike I'm glad to know it went to good hands. To use it well.

I may be in Virginia during the month of December, but I'll have the dear old computer with me.

I do love you, Mindy.


Anonymous said...

The conference was cool and everyone was so sweet. I learned alot and even made a few new friends.
Was there alcohol there? Huh, I didn't see any.
Oh, and you forgot to mention that even though "Blood Kiss" didn't win, it was in second place, which out of 38 applicants ain't half bad I'd say. Good for you!~RR

Mindy Blanchard said...

Nona - we LOVED your door prize - we are planning on stealing it from Mike piece by piece and then splitting it three ways between us girls - may be difficult but so worth Hugs.

RR - you made friends? with who? better not be cheating on me! Yeah I saw a girl with an orange shirt and brown pants running down the hall with a couple bottles of white zin - hmmmm. Hey ya ever heard that song "almost doesn't count" lol j/k. I think that was unofficial info - not sure if we should be saying that. 2nd aint bad - so can I have half your book or a corner of the freebie certificate for next year's conference - no, shucks! lol. It was fun battling, my lady. I look forward to next time. (But MY Fin could kick YOUR brother's (throat)any other time)!


Angie Kay Dilmore said...


I think you should pack up your stuff and simply move yourself to Lake Charles. Think of the time you'll save driving on I-10.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Great post Mindy!

The conference committee certainly outdid themselves but I do believe 2009 will be just as good or better.

BWG has a habit of outdoing itself LOL!

Glad to have you and the Laf. group aboard! I agree with Angie, you ALL just need to pack up and move to LC. :-)

Gonna miss NONA too but she deserves the rest and there's nothing like playing with your grandchild to relax.

Congrats to Regan (I missed the annoucement) and congrats to you for coming in 2nd.

See you next month!