Monday, May 31, 2010

Change Is Upon Us

It's amazing to me how there are special moments in our lives that shine in ways that you never expect or hoped to expect, and you simply know you will carry these treasures with you for years to come.

I sit on the cusp of living a truly creative life, and all I can do is smile. My muse is back. Not that she left me, she simply needs vacations as much as I do, and I can totally understand that!

She was vacationing somewhere great, I'm sure; and I cannot wait to hear the details of her travels. But that will come later. For now, she brings gifts from her travels: images and words of how a jaded vampire crashes into the life of a sexy baker, as they work together to solve another death, find a killer, and save themselves.

This story has been brewing for months now; waiting, percolating. This all began as a short story I wrote in 2007. I simply knew the main character deserved a chance to have his story told. And the time is now. I can't wait to learn Fin's story as he meets his heroine, and they fight to save themselves (and the world) from some catastrophe or another.

My artwork has taken off. It's amazing to me that I started my artful journey less than a year ago, in July, 2009, and I've gotten this far. I am so grateful for all of the love and support I receive that enables me to reach for my dreams! Thank you cheerleaders, I love you so much!!

I see a dream of my future held deeply in my heart, hoping against hope that it will lead to something. Some things do, some don't. You just never know where this journey will take you. Until then, you'll find me covered in paint or ink, typing and drawing from the heart, while I wait, ever dreaming...


Jan Rider Newman said...

Go, Mindy. Sounds like a great story. It's exhilerating when the chase is on, isn't it?

Mindy Blanchard said...

It is, Jan. I had forgotten. How can we forget this feeling!?! lol Good luck on your verse