Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Day of Decadence

Today I got a glimpse of what my life would be like if I did not have to work a zillion hours a day. I slept late. I turned down every commitment I made and even forgot a few. I lived spontaneously and did only what I felt like doing in the moment.

Life was decadent.

I watched Knocked Up for some serious laughs. I washed clothes and did my French homework while sipping Mojitos and Pinot Grigio (all day long). (I lived like a lush today!)

I'm attending my first National Scrapbook Day at the Cajundome this weekend. It's an expensive all day affair. In order to get some serious scrapping done - I have to have my pages prepped, all of the supplies I will need, and tons to scrap about. Let me tell you, I am just about ready.

I have been taking mini-breaks throughout the day to grab my supplies, prep some pages, get some last minute layout ideas, etc. My current projects include:

Inspiration journal
Lynn's art journal
2007 art journal
2008 art journal
NEW 2009 art journal
travel journal

AND because of my fabulous newly organized studio, which is making all of my inspiration and productivity possible, I am working on some side projects for what I will consider my inspiration section. I have some altered cards prepped and painted and a few extra cards prepped and painted and waiting for my fabulous artist friends to loan me some inspiration. And I am working on a new inspiration project from one of my art journal books that I have been dying to try out. It's coming along nicely, but since I know nothing about shading, I'll have to hold off on the finishing touches for the scrapbook day. Hopefully someone there can help a sister out! Here's a glimpse of my WIP (yes it's blurry - no clear shots until its finished):

Image inspired by the work of Kelly Rae Roberts (Find out more at; I am still working on how I plan on completing the "face." I tried a new technique today - my first sponging page - coolio - I love it!!!

Today was a day that dreams were made of. All week long I toil at those jobs I dislike to come home and have 2 days to myself, to create and yes drink in celebration of my success. I setup a goal to get my house organized. It's not where it needs to be yet, but the work in my studio has by far surpassed my original idea.

The room provides me with so much opportunity for creativity. I am a lucky girl indeed.

Music: just learned about pandora radio from a workshop at the Nola Stars Conference - omg I'm in love!
Drink: Mojitos mostly
Mood: tranquil and hopeful

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Mindy, I'm your altered books yahoo group and clicked on your blog link in your message. Love your sponged page, you are right to be proud. All your creations are very nice, I enjoyed myself here.

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