Saturday, March 28, 2009

Scrap or Bust!

Bonjour, mon amis.

I should be studying for the next big French test next week; instead I'm winding down from a wonderful day scrapping. I attended my first National Scrapbook Convention at the Cajundome in Lafayette today. It was fabulous. I thought I had packed way too much (oh I had) but there were people with even MORE stuff than me! Amazing.

Here's my friend, Tanya, and I after a day of scrapping til we drop!

I finished about 16 pages total, which is low on the totem pole of most scrappers (Tanya finished about 80+; she's like a machine). But usually I barely finish 2 pages or projects when we get together to scrap. The pre-painted/prepped pages really did the trick. Getting the work done in stages really made the creativity and process so much easier.

Here's a sample (guess who it's for, Lynnie Pooh):

This is my absolute favorite page that I completed today. The inspiration came from Lynn with the black and white picture and wording. The back and white images just pop off of the bright yellow pages. And I bought the flowered ribbon a few days ago with the intention of using it with a red background - fate!! The page is about one of my close friends, Nona, who moved away in February and whom I love and miss dearly!!


Anonymous said...

Very nice work, glad you had a good time.

My Paper Paisleys art blog

Mindy Blanchard said...

Thanks Aimeslee!!