Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Life is a beautiful thing. I recently bought my first "new" computer in 10 years. And in the process of getting everything over to the new computer, I'm messing up some things, big time.

In my current work in progress, I somehow lost 2000 words. No biggie. 2ooo words. On crap! This was THE scene where my character really showed herself. She stood up to others. She was fearless. And there was a fight scene and gunfire. Darn, it was alright for a first draft when I struggle with fight scenes and such. Hopefully I can recreate it later. (sigh!)

Oh well. Moving on. On the work front - tomorrow brings the start of a new month. And E-Care (the name of my department/team) welcomes back a previous leader - whom we missed dearly...who lead us while we were unbeatable. E-Care will find its way back on track now - happy employees mean productive employees!

With the new month, I'm vowing to make a difference in other aspects of my life. I'm a waiter. I see/find something I want and I wait. The moment will come when it will all fall into place. While I lack patience, I also have patience to spare - I'm a walking contradiction. So the point: I have been patiently (ok also impatiently) sitting on the sidelines...waiting...for a spark to form...for the fire to catch...but to no avail. After month's of deluding myself with hope and possibilities with my most recent crush, reality is setting in. And I'm not waiting anymore.

2007 changed my life and woke me up. 2008 has proven to be so much better. And 2009 will bring even better things. But I have 3 more months to go. 2008 is not over yet. And I'm not sitting on the sidelines anymore.

So with the start of October, 2008, I vow to take a more active part in my own life. I vow to make myself more available to opportunity. I vow to be more diligent in my writing. I vow to take a more positive attitude towards the career that I have chosen. I vow to live!!!

So heres to October. I can't wait to see what happens this month.


Angie Kay Dilmore said...

Computers can be so frustrating!

I love your postitive attitude! Truly inspiring. I'd wish you luck, but with such strong determination, you won't need it. Only yourself.


bigmanbigfeet said...

Sorry to hear that you lost some of your story. One day someone is going to magically find it after you become famous and it will be the lost Mindy Blanchard draft. Its going to sell on EBay for alot.

Love the new outlook. Glad to read you are joining the optimist side of the fence.

Talk to you later fellow E-Carer, BJ

Mindy Blanchard said...

Sorry to disappoint - Its two days in and I switched to the other side of the fence. I'm chasing (cookie) crumbs to try to find my way back - promise!

Anonymous said...

You need to go back and read this to yourself every morning. Put it as your screen saver: No more standing on the sidelines. Be the ball! Haha~RR