Friday, October 21, 2011

Interested in Commissioned Artwork?

Ever wanted to own original artwork created by me specifically for you or a loved one? Well YOU CAN!

Artist’s Statement:

As a writer, artist, and perpetual dreamer, I find escape in creating worlds very different from my own life through both the written and the visual forms. Using these creative outlets, I strive to provide inspiring images and words, focusing on increasing self-esteem and promoting positive feelings in life, in oneself, and in the pursuit of dreams.

My journey into art began in 2005 with the deconstruction and reconstruction of old books into personal art journals. Art journaling involves using key words, phrases, or found poetry. I continue to explore this art form, which enables me to work through personal feelings, thoughts, and events on my art journal pages. Being unable to write for many years, the paint brush eventually brought me back to my writing pen. Most of the pages of my art journals are centered around overcoming personal issues and documenting important moments in my life. In 2007, I stumbled upon scrapbooking techniques, which I then incorporated into my art journals. Within the past two years, I started painting professionally, capturing images on canvas and paper to motivate myself and others in pursuit of dreams.

Generally, I work in my art journals and on different art pieces simultaneously. The most notable features within my artwork are texture elements. I utilize many tools to increase the textural feel of most of my artwork. In addition, my work centers around female images and includes positive inspirational wording. Building scenes through collage is a new practice that I am currently enjoying. A freelance, self-employed writer and artist, I work primarily in acrylics using collage, ephemera, scrapbooking, and mixed media techniques in fantasy and fairy art. Having received no formal art training, I am predominantly a self-taught artist on an enriching journey where my most invaluable lesson learned to date is how gesso can be an artist’s best friend.

I reside in my hometown of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. While having an on-again/off-again relationship with pursing my Bachelor's degree in English at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, I strive to live the creative life through writing, creating mixed media art, and mentoring others in creativity. I can be found working intensely, though it may look a little like daydreaming, on stories or splashing paint around in my studio with loud music playing in the background. I enjoy getting swept away in a good book, avoiding reality television, trying foods from around the world, and traveling whenever I can.

I create many differing styles of artwork.

My paintings will look great in coordination to children's decor, for wedding, or birthday presents!

Pricing is simple:

2.5x3.5 $10
4x6 $25
5x7 $35
7x9 $65
8x10 $80
11x14 $155
12x16 $200

The artwork can come on stretched canvas*, canvas boards, watercolor paper, etc. (*Artwork on stretched canvas can be painted black on the sides and hung as is without needing to be framed.) It can be sealed in varnish or beeswax at no extra charge. (See me for resin pricing.)

I do have referral discounts. Earn discounts on artwork based on completed (paid) referrals to friends and family. Half of artwork price is due up front to begin the commission. Remaining half is due at completion of artwork. Shipping charges apply if applicable. Item will be shipped/provided once payment is received in full.

I'm only accepting a limited number of commissions during this holiday season, due to work, classes, and life in general. So now is the time to get your order in.

Let's discuss your commission, and let's make your painting a reality!

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