Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who am I?

This past trip to Dallas, Texas, has been an eye opener. I saw deeper parts of myself, my relationships, and my life than I ever thought possible. Every step that I take is one step closer to the ultimate goal. While they all seem different, they are so interconnected.

Perhaps I come off as flighty. Perhaps people have seen my transitions, my growth, and see the differences. They say, "Mindy is chasing dreams," "Each dream is different," "What dream is she chasing this week."

Maybe they cannot see the interconnectedness. Why should they; I didn't even see the full picture until this weekend.

I've been a storyteller since I was kid. I love telling stories of some sort. So being a writer is natural to me. I don't want to write; rather I need to write. My chosen genre is stories of paranormal romance, but maybe I should delve into stories of chic lit or inspirational. (But this is a lesson for me to learn tomorrow). I write stories of heroes and heroines who must face problems bigger than themselves, who must learn lessons that they are able to get out of their situations, they are good enough, worthy enough; they are able to do anything!

I became an artist, seemingly out of nowhere. I created art based on encouraging phrases and images. Showing the viewer, you can do anything. You are good enough, worthy enough.

I combine the two and teach classes on art journaling, on using both written and visual forms of art to heal, to grow.

I became a business owner of my own Mobile Spa Business. I travel around and speak to women about how to take care of themselves, when we usually save ourselves for last. I'll get to me after I ______________ (take care of my spouse, the kids, my job, my house, etc). I tell them they are good enough, worthy enough to take a chance, to take care of themselves, to relax and be pampered and have "girl time" and they are able to do anything, like be the owner of their own business, making others feel great and helping them change lives!

I work for Mindy Blanchard 7 days out of the week and other companies fewer days out of the week. Whatever the title I use, the end result is the same. I help people. I help people feel good about themselves. I help people feel good about themselves no matter what we are doing!

Each path leads to this path. I live, learn, and love to write, create, and help others.

Anything is possible. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.

Are you ready to change your life?

Ask me how!

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