Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To Health Insure or Not To Health Insure

I'm taking my blog to a whole other level today.

Yes, you read that right, Mindy is serious! Seriously tired of money and health issues.

Money and health insurance are issues we all deal with, and as they are in the forefront of my ever-tired mind, courtesy of the new sexy black walking boot I'm forced to wear, which is paid for solely by my wonderful self, I feel the need to spread the knowledge your way.

Hopefully my trials can shed some light into the lives of anyone struggling with these issues and hey if you know something I don't (which I'm sure just about everyone does as I avoid the realities of life) then send some knowledge my way, my friend.

I'm currently battling previous choices and an economic crisis after crisis that has resulted in my current situation, making half of what I used to make, with lower health insurance that covers absolutely nothing.

When you are cutting expenditures left and right, battling for every dollar spent on your monthly budget, how do you decide what to keep and what to cut?

My previous health insurance spoiled me. I know what happens when you have health issues which you ignore and eventually things are worse than they ever had the potential of being. So I go to the doctor whenever I notice something amiss.

A young, 30 year old single female, suffering from a health problem list a mile long, what's a girl to do?

I purchased COBRA for 2 months after leaving my last job at a whopping $500 a month. The research for insurance options out there was quite eye-opening. High monthly premiums, copays and deductibles filled my google pages. My options were averaging about $250 a month.

My research brought me to a choice which I thought was reasonable. I learned about short term medical plans. For about $80 a month I received short term medical insurance coverage for a 6 month period. This plan allows for 2 short term periods of coverage (12 months total) but anything happening before each "term" takes affect is considered pre-existing and is not covered.

There goes my bi-weekly allergy shots. So basically I'm paying some money each month and all doctor visits are applying toward my current deductible. I will almost reach the deductible amount and it will be time for my new "term" to take affect if I choose. So I will be starting my deductible from scratch. What a mess!

So the research of viable insurance plans continues. I'm reading on mini-med plans and gap plans, with barely any options in sight. My prescription medication has become optional and all bet fallen off of my monthly budget. My doctor about fell out of his chair when I explained to him that I stopped taking the medicine, cold turkey. So those were withdrawals I have been experiencing in the past few months, who knew. (That really explains so much!)

With a struggling job market, employers choosing to leave employees part time to avoid additional costs and preventing them from acquiring healthcare, it seems that dropping insurance and "taking my chances" may be the only option available in my future.

I have two more months before it hits the fan and I have to make a decision on what to do next. Hopefully, the tides turn in a direction that is more affordable so that my "health" doesn't become optional, too.

Are you taking care of your health lately? Researching other options available? You may wish to research whether the alternatives to regular healthcare (short term, mini-med, and gap) would benefit you in any way.

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Angie Kay Dilmore said...

Your story illustrates exactly why the government is trying to restructure healthcare. Hope you feel better soon!