Sunday, January 24, 2010

Career Planning

I awoke fresh and ready for life after watching a great movie, Leap Year, and getting a good nights sleep. Now I believe I will dust off my superpowers and take over the writing world...well maybe not so much...but I am ready to kick my writing life back into gear.

I've learned many things over the past year. Most of all I've learned that I cannot suppress who I am and what I want most in life. It always has a way of seeping out of the cracks and crevices and finding itself smack dab in my face, each and every time.

So I need to find balance - a way to feed my need to continuously learn new things, my art, and my writing. I can now look at my current hiatus away from the university classroom as a time for me to figure out how to find a balance between all that I want without fear of any other responsibilities aka procrastinations "getting in my way."

I spent yesterday in the presence of Writers Guild of Acadiana members, friends, and Cherry Adair. That woman is amazing. She bounced all kinds of knowledge and tips around us in a blazing orange ball that is her astounding energy...where does she store it, I wonder?

So now I sit and stew and plan...on making and finishing a career plan....and getting back to my first love, writing. I started writing my novel, Wolf Moon, in March, 2008. I fiddled a bit on it until NANOWRIMO 2008. Now I am the "proud" owner of 90k words of a story where I'm chasing my tail with nowhere to go. But I'm not putting it down even though it should be considered 'dead' and be buried.

I will poke and prod that thing into making a plan, outline, beginning/middle/end, etc...I will get this done. I'm giving myself one more year to finish her up...or I'm sending her to the trash pile. So what's it to be? I guess I need to start planning and writing.

I dusted off my wonderful binder filled with character sketches and pics and bios. I located all of my files under the drab that is my scary documents folder on my computer...and I'm sitting butt to chair and I'm going to figure it out.

Yes, I still need to clean my house which is falling down around me since I finished my last semester and went traipsing around Europe, and I still have bills to pay so I'm working 90 hrs a week, and I still need to get my butt into shape and start working out more and eating healthier as I cannot afford to eat out every day anymore.

But despite all of these needs, which are probably not going to change - any time soon - I need to live a creative life. I figure if I can work on my art pieces during my lunch hour each day at work, then I can be free to write and exercise, if I can walk after that shift of work, at night.

Totally doable and I cannot figure out why I was so dense I didn't see it before.

So thank you, Cherry, for lighting an orange energy bubble under my ass and inspiring me to sit butt to chair and get it done. 365 days. That's all I get. Starting NOW!

Pray for me (and that Wolf Moon makes it out of this goal alive!)

***For some reason, I've pondered this the whole day and the thought of continuing with this story gives me the hives...but starting from scratch, I don't know if I can do that...what to do what to do...I guess my first decision will have to be whether to give this story a chance or put it away to let something new come out! I just don't know what to do with myself.

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