Monday, June 1, 2009

Journeys and Life

Bonjour, mon amis.

I was recently reprimanded for my lack of blogs. I don't know what the deal is. Since February I've been a bit disconnected from my own life. Learning French took up a lot of my time. I stopped writing for a bit to fully immerse myself in the language. The car accident, well what is there to say about that. Nothing has been the same since. I guess I jangled a couple of things in my brain or something.

Well here's a recap of the missing months. I enjoyed my French class immensely and cannot wait to learn more of the beautiful if not aggrevating language. I made friends with my classmates; a first for me. I have been in school for a very long time but I never mingle with my classmates. I hope these friendships stick.

I went on Spring Break to Philly, DC, and Arlington. We saw some things me and my traveling companions:

Aren't my girls just beauties??? We laughed, we wanted to cry (lol), and we walked for dayssss. It's a miracle we made it but we did make it. So I brought back some great memories of times and travels with my sister, Stacey, and my niece, Lauren. (I realize now that the comedic personality is strong in THIS family of mine!!)

But what I bring back with me of all the wonderful sights, sounds, etc of the trip is this one perfect moment as I sat quietly among the Japanese magnolias, remembering my childhood and dreaming of the future I so desperately yearn for. I could have spent days on this park bench writing and dreaming:

This picture will always take me back; and I look at it often!

I celebrated my big 30th birthday with family and friends. We ate sushi at my favorite Japanese restaurant, Shangri La with my favorite waitress. Here's my BFF Crissy and my handsome baby brother, Jason :

This is the first bday celebration Jason has joined us on. Us Blanchard women have a long history of Mindy's Bday celebrations: partying for the 21st, male strippers for the 24th, etc. And finally Jason joined us on this one!!!. I hope we have many more to share. We celebrated at the club where I spent a lot of crazy nights of my 20s, Graham Central Station, which was a fitting place to spend the LAST night of my 20s. We had fun. The drinks and laughter were flowing. It was a great way to start this new period of my life known as my 30s.

I haven't been writing. Even though the semester ended with my wonderful A- (yes the minus breaks my heart - apparently I am a horrible French speaker - well I can't be awesome at EVERYTHING!! LOL), the jobfront has me in such a state of disgust and disappointment (at myself) that I cannot find the words or inspiration to get back to my writing. My novel and my character sits constantly in the background. Nalia simply looks at me sighs, paints her nails, does a bit of primping and filing and waits patiently for me to get my act together so that I can get on...with her story!
When I can't find my words, I go to my art journals, and usually something comes up! Well I now have 4 journals prepped and ready for my personal decorated covers, 32 pages of scrapbooked and art journaled pages in about 5 art journals, 10 pages of backgrounds waiting to be scrapped and A LOT of personal reflection, inspection, whatever...still no words.
But I refuse to lose hope. If I am anything I am determined. That will usually get me through just about anything in my life. And I have started a new journal: one of reflection and forgiveness. A way for me to pour out my hurts on the page and cover it up with the wonderful memories and characteristics that will hopefully help me get over the wrongs of my life. I'm hopeful that this will help me heal, because I am tired of being bitter and jaded and all of those other negative characters that we all know me by. I'm ready to be free!!
Here's my latest creation. I recently started playing with watercolors and oil pastels. Here's my first whimsy girl in watercolor:

And on the last day of my 20s I did this page for my dad. Completing this piece was a breakthrough in the start of the healing process. It took me 10 years to talk about him after he died. Its taken this long to commit my feelings to paper. But I'm not afraid. I'm dealing. I miss you, Daddy, every day. Til we meet again:

(The treehouse is an original design by Gil Zaunbrecher. He and his beautiful wife, Tanya, are amazingly talented architects and good friends of mine!)

Music: Linger by the Cranberries (I love!!)

Dried paint (and blisters) lingers on the tips of all of my fingers.

I live in hope that today marks the beginning of many great days!!!

Mood: forever hopeful


Autumn said...

I cannot even believe that is your brother. OMG! I remember him, but he was less handsome and a bit smaller.


Mindy Blanchard said...

Hey Autumn,

I know huh! baby bro is all growed up. (He was a bit of a runt back in the day. A pain, too. lol)

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you.
For so many different things. ~RR

Anonymous said...

You make me want to travel! When I was reading your post it made me think of Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Maybe you can spend time in Europe, use your French, and come out with a bestseller. We should all be so lucky!

PJ said...

You've been a busy girl! I love the photos, I want to sit on that bench under the pink trees and draw.